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February 7, 2018 | Winery Blog, Winery Press | Peachy Canyon Marketing

Incredible Red on NBC's Today Show

We were thrilled to represent Paso Robles winemaking nationwide this morning on the Today Show, in a segment highlighting excellent affordable wines—all under $20!—for upcoming Valentine's Day festivities. Check out the segment below, Incredible Red Zinfandel is mentioned beginning at 1:07.

Here's how the Today Show describes Incredible Red:

When winter weather is whirling outside, stay inside with a hearty dish and a big glass of something incredible. This juicy Zinfandel-based blend sports full-bodied flair, dark fruit flavors, and a peppery kick. Serve alongside braised meat dishes, mushroom risotto, or pulled pork.

Incredible Red is one of our most loved entry-level Zinfandels, a great pairing to liven up everyday meals and make them special! You can find out more about our 2015 Incredible Red, or purchase a bottle for direct delivery, here on our website. 

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